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The Journey of Dr. John Bergsma from Protestant Pastor to Catholic Theologian In 2013, Dr. Bergsma traveled to Haiti as a missionary and shared his story of coming to discover the truth and beauty of the Catholic Church where he follows Jesus wholeheartedly.  This... read more

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PIGATWA–Kisa li ye toutbon?

1. Genyen 2 destinasyon final apre lanmò: paradi ak lanfè.
2. Moun ki mouri lènmi Bondye pral nan lanfè.
3. Moun ki mouri zanmi Bondye pral nan paradi.
4. Menm moun ki zanmi Bondye yo konn fè ti peche. (1 Jan 1:8-10)
5. Okenn peche oubyen souyi pa ka antre nan syèl la. (Apokalips 21:27)
6. Donk zanmi Bondye yo bezwen yon dènye pirifikasyon anvan yo antre nan syèl la pou retire tout rès salte peche ak konsekans peche a. Dènye pirifikasyon sa a se li menm nou rele PIGATWA.

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