The primary purpose of this site is to make the name of Jesus known to all the nations. Thankfully, we live in an age where we have the most tools to be able to bring His name to the world. The Internet is one such tool. Certainly, it cannot replace the physical presence of a missionary disciple who goes forth in the Spirit to proclaim the Good News, but it can complement such efforts.

If you are a non-Christian looking for the key to happiness, you will find it in Jesus. I hope that this site can help answer some questions for you. Have fun looking around! I highly recommend looking under the “Jesus” tab for some very interesting material.

If you are a seasoned Christian missionary disciple, I hope you can find some tools to help you reach the people for whom God’s heart burns. May this site serve as a good place for the missionaries to meet, share and provide support for one another. Here, you will find opportunities to join on missions, including possibilities to help directly from your home by praying and making generous offerings for the building up of the Kingdom.

Be a missionary disciple!

Fr. Louis